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Smoke 2

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This is a print of a mathematical concept called an attractor, which is a state (or a set of numbers) that a dynamical system will eventually end up in, no matter how it starts. There are many kinds of attractors; the one used in this print is called a "de Jong" attractor, named after Peter de Jong who originally published it in 1987.

In this image, hundreds of particles move over time according to a 4-dimensional mathematical function. By changing the parameters of the function, different shapes emerge. This was one that I chose from many combinations of parameters.

⭑ 8.5 x 11" sized print

⭑ Limited edition of 10
, signed and numbered

⭑ High-quality black printed on acid-free, heavy matte card stock

⭑ Ships in clear protector with a rigid card backing

⭑ Please allow for 1 week for the item to be printed before it is sent off to ship.

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